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For sale: Black 2000 Viggen 4-door hatchback, 128K Jan. 8th, 2016 @ 08:40 am

Location: Edison, N.J.
Means of contact: P.M.
Price: $5,000 obo (Feeling this out.)
Transmission: Manual
Mileage: 128K

Description: What we have here is a relatively low-mileage, daily driver that I had back when I could walk to work. As a second owner, I bought it with 80,000 miles and made sure to give it routine maintenance. While it's not exactly show-room ready, think of it as a worn-in baseball glove. One that's fast and loves it when you feather the clutch to get the turbo flying.

Why am I selling it? Between breaking a bone in my left foot, relocating away from my trusted mechanic, and finding myself up against steep veterinary bills, it's time to say goodbye to my baby.

Customizations: (A lot of stuff here from Genuine Saab, installed at Programechanics in Allentown, Pa.) Six-point subframe brace, steering rack clamp and brace, rear anti-roll bar, Koni shocks and lowering springs, 18" OZ Racing wheels on brand-new Michelin all-season tires, 3" downpipe with race cat, 2.5" cat-back exhaust, K&N air filter. All new brake pads and rotors, new rear calipers as of 1/7/16.

Flaws: A/C doesn't work, speakers rattle, rear bumper is peeling, some knicks in paint, front driver's side outer tie rod is worn, front bumper lip cracked on the bottom, driver's side fog light shorts out.

History: Just had an oil change and throttle plate cleaned. Clutch has been rebuilt shortly after I bought it, spark plugs replaced (with spares if I can find them), fuel pump replaced in 2014.

Notes: Quick. Runs smooth. Handles well. Firm ride.

Message me if interested.
Current Location: Edison, N.J.

LETS SUPPORT OUR FAVORITE BRAND Jan. 19th, 2010 @ 12:37 am

January 24th, 2010- 10am Tappan, NY

Meet @ 10am: Exit 5S of the Palisades Parkway
Leaving @ 11am to be in the middle of Times Square
@ noon.
Please join us and show your support that
The Saab Spirit still lives no matter what the final outcome of GM’s decision. Register @
Check out www.saabsunited.com www.rescue-saab.com

Dec. 15th, 2009 @ 07:38 pm
Saab 2010 Calendar Wallpapers

Hi! Saab Lovers,
Here are some Saab wallpapers with 2010 monthly calendar created by myself. This time, newer models are included besides the classic ones. If you visit my Saab Art page regularly, you'll find new "calendar wallpapers" available before the beginning of each month. I hope these artworks will bring you joy & enlighten your desktop everyday & every month! Enjoy!! Your comments are always welcome.

Download page:

My site:

SAAB X'mas Artworks Dec. 4th, 2009 @ 11:54 pm
Hi Saab Lovers,
X'mas is coming, I think it's a good time to contribute something special to the Saab community. So I decided to make some Saab related artworks with X'mas & New Year theme. I've finished some X'mas wallpapers & e-cards, I would like to share them with you, they are ready for download. There are also other classic Saab wallpapers available. You can find them in the "Saab Art" page of my website. I hope you'll enjoy having them! Sending e-cards can help saving the environment. Do send this link to other Saab lovers if you think they'll also be interested.


X'mas wallpapers & e-cards download page:

My site:

My Saab 9-3 Hirsch (Jet Black) Apr. 20th, 2009 @ 02:46 pm
My low flying aircraft :


Set of wheels for sale; jack & doughnut for sale Mar. 29th, 2009 @ 12:41 pm

For sale: set of 4 wheels/tires for Saab. $400 OBO. Three-spoke design, aluminum alloy. 16"x6.5"; 5x110mm bolt pattern. Original equipment on Saab 9-5 from MY1998-2000. Fits NG900 and 9-3 as well. No dents or scratches. Includes blue "Saab Scania" center caps. Some tar and brake dirt on interior. Mounted and balanced with Gislaved Nord Frost II snow tires. 205/55/R16. (Two show wear; two in good condition.) Each wheel retails for £170 and lists used on eBay for $150.

Also for sale: Spare wheel/tire and jack set for Saab. Original equipment. 115/70/R16. Bolt pattern 5x110mm. Never used. $150 OBO.

No shipping. Local pickup only. My location: Easton, PA

Comment if interested or with questions.

The future of SAAB Feb. 19th, 2009 @ 04:18 pm
It's hard to keep up with the news, but it looks like SAAB is going to go through a "reorganization," and I think split from GM. It got me thinking what could the company do to be profitable? The 9-5's just a redesign of the 9000, introduced in 1985. The 9-3 is little more than an upscale Malibu/G6, and the 9-7x is just a saab grill on a steaming pile. So what can they do?

My idea: Stop making cars.

What does SAAB mean? It means turbocharging. They should stop making outdated cars that can't compete in this marketplace and focus on turbocharged engines. They don't even have to be turbocharged. The N/A 2.3 in my 9000 can haul some ass all on its own.

So, then you just have a company that makes engines. You could probably wrap them back into Saab Aeroplan AG, since that's where the turbocharging came from. Throw an emblem on the car somewhere, "Powered by SAAB."

I think I've seen someone suggest an "engine and drivetrain" strategy before, but SAABs aren't known for their transmissions.

For sale: Uprated outer poly bushings NG900/9-3 NIB May. 11th, 2008 @ 07:34 pm

Unintentionally added two of these to my cart when shopping at genuinesaab.com. One set went on my car. I'll sell the other set to the first person who ponies up $30 — that's half their list value. Free shipping.

They firm up the ride and reduce noise: http://www.genuinesaab.com/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=56_28&products_id=33&osCsid=eeba914e12ccec65aa21987b8b2ff285

(Also posted on Craigslist.)

Oh, baby Apr. 24th, 2008 @ 09:07 pm


installing iPod compatible sound sytem in 9-3? Feb. 4th, 2008 @ 10:27 am
Hi all--

I would like to install a stereo in my 2003 9-3 convertible with a auxilliary output jack so I can play my iPod.

I did some research and found a website with instructions on how to do this with my current sound system, but I'm not inclined to hack into my expensive and beautiful car without knowing what I'm doing!

Anybody have any recommendations for post-market sound systems? How do they work with my existing SID? And how much should I expect to pay for something nice, but not too fancy?

Current Location: Baltimore
Other entries
» The damage
So, in order, I've owned a 1995 VW Golf, an 88 VW Golf, an 88 Volvo 740 Turbo, and most recently a 99 Saab 9-3SE. I wasn't/am not ready to part with the Saab. I put a catalog sport exhaust kit on it, a Genuine downpipe and race cat, Koni shocks/springs, poly bushings, a steering rack/clamp/brace and rear arb. It hauled and handled. But after a woman pulled out in front of me and caused a collision, it looks like damage excedes value and I'm dealing with a 'total loss.' They only want to give me about $4.5K for it.

I'm thinking of putting that toward a new, used car instead of trying to repair it. (But I'm still gonna get a second opinion on the repair costs.) So anyway, I've narrowed my choices down to an M3, a Viggen, a TT or an S60. What do you think?
» Saturn Astra
If I remember correctly, my wife's GM900/NG900 is an Opel, and to be honest I've been less than impressed. We've spent more repairing her car (a '96 with 90k miles) in the past 6 months, than we've spent fixing my car (a '93 9000 with 180k) in the last 2 years.

Where am I going with this? I was just wondering if an Opel with Saturn emblems instead of SAAB will be any better.
» a climate of the control
The block of management a climate of the control (a saab 9000, 1995) has failed. Prompt please, what is designated on the electroscheme of the block of management by the letter "P"?
» (No Subject)
hi to everybody glad to join saab community.
This is my 9-3 but couple days ago belt gone (my fault)but i'll fix it tomorrow,also couple of thing need to be done but i love this car.
is anybody here from NY NJ PA areas?

» breakdown
My 2004 9-3 Linear has broken down for the first time..

Here's what happened...

It has 80k miles, and has always had timely oil changes.

Soooo...a couple of days ago the engine light came on. Then the car began driving really strange...I would shift gears and the RPM's would go crazy high.

Well today the car went crazy..and I could not shift gears at all and it began shaking and I got a few alerts about how the ESP was out, etc. I ended up not being able to drive at all. Had it towed to the dealer..

So that was that...I guess I needed to share the experience. Anyone go through anything similar? Any idea of what this could be? I won't have an estimate until tomorrow. I'll update if anyone's interested...
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