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For sale: Black 2000 Viggen 4-door hatchback, 128K - Saab Drivers Community.

About For sale: Black 2000 Viggen 4-door hatchback, 128K

Previous Entry For sale: Black 2000 Viggen 4-door hatchback, 128K Jan. 8th, 2016 @ 08:40 am

Location: Edison, N.J.
Means of contact: P.M.
Price: $5,000 obo (Feeling this out.)
Transmission: Manual
Mileage: 128K

Description: What we have here is a relatively low-mileage, daily driver that I had back when I could walk to work. As a second owner, I bought it with 80,000 miles and made sure to give it routine maintenance. While it's not exactly show-room ready, think of it as a worn-in baseball glove. One that's fast and loves it when you feather the clutch to get the turbo flying.

Why am I selling it? Between breaking a bone in my left foot, relocating away from my trusted mechanic, and finding myself up against steep veterinary bills, it's time to say goodbye to my baby.

Customizations: (A lot of stuff here from Genuine Saab, installed at Programechanics in Allentown, Pa.) Six-point subframe brace, steering rack clamp and brace, rear anti-roll bar, Koni shocks and lowering springs, 18" OZ Racing wheels on brand-new Michelin all-season tires, 3" downpipe with race cat, 2.5" cat-back exhaust, K&N air filter. All new brake pads and rotors, new rear calipers as of 1/7/16.

Flaws: A/C doesn't work, speakers rattle, rear bumper is peeling, some knicks in paint, front driver's side outer tie rod is worn, front bumper lip cracked on the bottom, driver's side fog light shorts out.

History: Just had an oil change and throttle plate cleaned. Clutch has been rebuilt shortly after I bought it, spark plugs replaced (with spares if I can find them), fuel pump replaced in 2014.

Notes: Quick. Runs smooth. Handles well. Firm ride.

Message me if interested.
Current Location: Edison, N.J.
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