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The future of SAAB - Saab Drivers Community.

About The future of SAAB

Previous Entry The future of SAAB Feb. 19th, 2009 @ 04:18 pm Next Entry
It's hard to keep up with the news, but it looks like SAAB is going to go through a "reorganization," and I think split from GM. It got me thinking what could the company do to be profitable? The 9-5's just a redesign of the 9000, introduced in 1985. The 9-3 is little more than an upscale Malibu/G6, and the 9-7x is just a saab grill on a steaming pile. So what can they do?

My idea: Stop making cars.

What does SAAB mean? It means turbocharging. They should stop making outdated cars that can't compete in this marketplace and focus on turbocharged engines. They don't even have to be turbocharged. The N/A 2.3 in my 9000 can haul some ass all on its own.

So, then you just have a company that makes engines. You could probably wrap them back into Saab Aeroplan AG, since that's where the turbocharging came from. Throw an emblem on the car somewhere, "Powered by SAAB."

I think I've seen someone suggest an "engine and drivetrain" strategy before, but SAABs aren't known for their transmissions.
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